Janet Pearlman welcomes you to the Stream of Yes!


JANET PEARLMAN: Healer, Painter, Life Guide, Teacher, Creative and Evolving Being

Want to feel more balanced and easy in body and emotions? Want relief from stress and from pain? Want to have more fun and satisfaction in life?

YES! You can empower yourself to feel better, to feel lively and healthy more often, and to maintain that feeling  for longer and longer periods of time.

You can claim this as your way of life! Learn to move through moments of things not going your way, illness, accidents, financial losses, etc.; these events need not daunt you for long. Using the tools Janet offers here, you can traverse that landscape with greater ease and utilize the energy created by adversity. Honed from more than thirty years of experience in reaching for feeling better, growing and healing, Janet was drawn to focus on studying and putting forth what you will read about below. As you explore this site, you will learn how to live in the flow and with more joy.  To contact her, please email Janet at jpearl@streamofyes.com.

On this site please find:

  • Living in the Stream of Yes Courses and Lectures
  • Living in the Stream of Yes is a series of trainings that Janet has designed to help others develop their power of focus in order to create a more satisfying life. Synthesized from those teachings that have guided her for over 30 years, Living in the Stream of Yes draws on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, the works of Ernest Holmes, Emmet Fox and from other personal mastery tools.

    In these classes students learn to get in touch with what they love about their lives, their purpose for being, ways to access more happiness on their paths, and how to express more of who they are. Students will become calmer, live in more integrity, vitality and pleasure.

    Janet teaches ongoing classes specializing in the Abraham-Hicks teachings. She also convenes a monthly support group for Abraham-Hicks enthusiasts. Learn how to use this tool more deftly, envisioning your dreams, going for what you want, manifesting satisfaction immediately as you understand what it takes to enter the flow and ride it.

  • Janet Pearlman: Painting in the Stream of Yes
  • Janet expresses her awareness of beauty though vibrant and soothing colors, human and angelic figures, uplifting atmosphere. Many of the images on this website are paintings by Janet. The paintings in the Stream of Yes gallery are current works, created within the last several years. Janet also offers the following galleries: “Colors of Inner Sight,” DiptychsHighlighted Works ILandscapes and Archival PiecesLearn more about Janet.

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient art that harmonizes the energy of our being,  offering relief from any stress as the client allows the gentle touch of fingers to restore balance to body, mind, and spirit.  Janet offers individual treatment sessions in this art and classes in Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help.

  • Stream Blog
  • In this space Janet envisions a Stream of Yes community reading, commenting, coming together, finding inspiration. Her plan is to offer thoughts,  articles, appreciations and to create a space for others to comment with the goal of uplifting us all. One friend said, “Oh let’s create a blending our individual Streams of Yes into one Raging River of Yes; what a great place to bask!”

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